How to get a donation form link in Altru

Donating is a form of caring. Many of your guests and members may want to give back to those in need through your organization. To be sure that you have records in Altru of the donations received, you need to provide the donation form link to your constituents. It will ensure that all donations to your organization are accounted for properly. Follow this guide on how to get the link.

Steps to get the link to the donation form in Altru

  1. Go to your Altru account and click Web.
   2. Under Web forms, select Manage donation forms.
get a donation form link in Altru   3. Click the type or designation of the donation. In the sample screenshot below, General Donation is used. Click the drop-down for the donation form link. The URL should appear, together with the other related details for the donation.
get a donation form link in Altru

You now have the link to your Altu donation form. You can add to your web forms and emails, making it easier for your constituents to donate.

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