How digital guest passes work with Altru

Digital guest passes in Altru is a privilege you can give to your members, guests, and other organization. It can be a benefit offered to your members based on their membership levels, free admission for your guests, and sponsorship benefits for other organizations.

Giving guest passes is an excellent way of showing appreciation to your donors. You can issue it as a way of consoling your constituents if an exhibit is unavailable the day they visit so they can attend on a different day. You can also provide guest passes to a company that sponsors your organization by giving free guest passes to their employees. It is a way of showing that your organization acknowledges their support.

 Enable the Digital Guest passes in Altru and use them effectively by following the steps below.

Steps to Enable the Digital Guest Passes in Altru

  1. Go to your Altru Account and click Tickets.
  2. Proceed to Guest passes under Configuration.
   3. Under Allow guest passes, select Allow guest passes to be issued and redeemed
Digital guest passes   4. On the other side, Under Restrict passes to these programs, choose the programs where the guests and members can redeem the guest passes. Click on Save.


Guest passes in Altru can be disabled, but you must first delete the membership benefits assigned to membership levels. By doing so, you won't be able to add the guest pass benefit to membership levels and constituents. However, constituents can still redeem valid guest passes you already issued.

5. After you enable the guest passes function in Tickets, you will see the added System-generated guest pass to your Benefits Catalog. You can edit the name, description, value, and fulfillment information.

Digital guest passes

Guest Passes on Memberships

  1. Guest pass benefits are also added to membership levels on programs. You can set the number of quantities you want to offer, the frequency of eligibility, and its expiration.
Digital guest passes
Guest passes are issued automatically when someone avails of a membership or renews a qualifying membership.

   2. To check if guest passes are issued to constituents, go to the member's record and check the Benefits and sent items section. You can also proceed to the Guest passes tab of your constituent's record to verify.

Digital guest passes

Guest Passes for Constituents and other Organizations

  1. Go to your constituent record.
  2. Click the Guest Passes tab. It displays information about the currently issued guest passes to constituents including those as a membership benefit.
   3. Click Add. A dialog box will pop out. Fill in the needed information then save.

Applying the Passes on Daily Sales

A printed guest pass is not necessary because it can directly redeem on the Daily Sales. Guests only need to provide work IDs if employees of the sponsor organization or members' membership cards to verify the identity of the pass owners.

  1. Add tickets to the cart of a program that allows guest passes.
  2. Once it is clickable, select the Apply pass.
   3. A dialog will show up. Select the name of the guest that issued the pass then you will see the number of available passes your visitor has. Enter manually the number of passes your constituent wants to use.
   4. Click Save. It will show the program ticket where the guest pass is applied.


You can check the redeemed guest passes on sales orders. It will appear under the Benefits tab if the order includes a membership purchase or upgrade. 

5. You can also query guest passes by going to Sales Order and Constituent queries.  To create a query:

  • Go to Analysis.
  • Proceed to the Information library.
  • Create an ad-hoc querySelect the type of query (Sales order or Constituent query).

Digital guest passes

You can use the Guest Pass Report in Sales to manage your guest pass program. This data will show you the number of issued and redeemed passes with ticket value. It will help your organization for future-decision making concerning this program so you can use it to your advantage.

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