FAQ for duplicates

How can I automatically detach an email address from a record with sales orders attached?

To remove an email address from a constituent record you can use the Deduper tool to safely detach the email address from the constituent and the sales orders. WARNING: This process will remove the email address from the constituent and any sales orders associated with the email. Please make sure you have appropriate backups.

We have attached the same email address to all household members, what should we do moving forward?

We need every constituent on file to have just one primary email address and not allow records to share email addresses. You will need to remove the step of “Attaching” the same email address across all household members from your regular process.

A husband and wife share the same email address, how should we handle this case?

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You need to remove the email address from the husband or wife to only have one email address on record. The second option is to remove the email address from both constituent records and add it to the household.

When you detach an email address from a constituent, does this also remove the membership?

No, if you detach an email address from a constituent the membership will remain attached to the constituent. The constituent record will be left without an email address without modifying the membership.

I’m missing email addresses for constituents, how can I source new email addresses for my constituents?

You have two options for getting email addresses. You can explicitly ask for them using an email with the Email Designer and then have those emails entered manually into Altru. You can also implicitly get email addresses using data enrichment services. Blackbaud offers such a service, but there are also other vendors in the marketplace offering such services to source email addresses. WARNING: Implicitly sourcing email addresses do not give you the right to email them unless permission is granted from the constituent.

How to prevent duplicates in the future?

When manually inputting a new record make sure you search for a constituent in three different ways. For example, First Name and Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. Create a standard operating procedure when creating new records to always require First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone. Keep your data up to date with Deceased Record Finder, Address Finder, and Email Finder.

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