How to add an SGS team member to Altru

To help you with any Altru related works and issues like query building, backing-up an existing Altru theme and other administrative tasks that you need help with, it is necessary to first add an SGS team member to Altru. With the access given, our team will be able to go in into your Altru account and work on your behalf.

Follow this guide below to add an SGS team member to your Altru account.

1: Go to your Altru account and click Administration then proceed to Application User.

2: Click on the Add button and a dialog box will pop out.

3: Supply the needed information and select specific roles for the SGS member you are adding:

Name: Social Good Software
Email invitation to:

  1. Attribute Categories 
  2. Code Tables 
  3. Development Data Entry 
  4. Guest Services Manager 
  5. Marketing Manager 
  6. Membership Manager 
  7. Web Forms Administrator

4: You can click on Save & Invite after setting up a new user. The added SGS member to your Altru account will receive an official invite through email which will give her permission to do some work on your behalf.

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