Social Good Software Update 1.2.6v

Data Bridge

  • Created a data bridge based on an ODATA query
    • Create, Delete, Share and auto-update data with Altru
  • Connect Data Bridge with Google Sheets and Excel
    • Authentication credentials are generated per widget
  • You can create widget types
    • Gauge
    • Google Sheet
    • Excel
  • Restricted access to the data bridge based on subscription plan – Expert plan is required

Calendar Builder

  • Added support for IE11 to render calendars
  • Added support for sites with jQuery 1.9.0. or older
  • Fixed a minor bug when duplicate keys are used on creation
  • Added better support for windows to view reservation fields selection

Email Designer

  • Fixed a minor bug with Emails not sending when Altru is not available
  • Fixed a minor bug with multiple download complete dialogs showing

Barcodes Scanner

  • Added new UI for administrator panel to work better with different resolutions
  • Added new dialog for color pickers on the Admin portal
  • Added new feature to view the valid barcode scanned in
  • Added continuous scanning option for mobile, web and desktop apps
  • Released a new version of the app
  • Fixed a minor bug with barcodes not validating with Altru
    • You can now see error messages in the sync activity

Online Template & Checkout Flows

  • Dynamic checkout flows will only work if the Template script is embedded on the same page. (Fixes a bug with data binding)

System Improvements

  • Added better support to parse Altru URL for credentials when setting up the connection with Altru
  • Improved caching for old files on
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