Social Good Software Update 1.3.0v

Calendar Builder

  • Added support to link directly to ODATA links in Altru
  • Calendars are updated in realtime
  • Fixed a minor bug when editing the reserved events query options.
  • Added support for real-time data updates on calendars. All existing calendars got migrated to be updated in realtime
  • Fixed a minor bug with the midnight timestamp
  • Added support to tag guest when a specific calendar is used
  • Added support for public and private calendars
  • Added support for linking to Altru even if credentials have expired

Email Designer

  • Added support for notifications when ODATA links stop working. Only available for admins.
  • Added support for scheduling a time to send emails. Works great for reminder emails.
  • Improved performance of delivery time for emails. Emails are now sent in realtime.
  • If the template is not enabled the data downloads will not run automatically. This is to avoid redundant data downloads.
  • Added support to link directly to ODATA
  • Added support for email complaints, bounce, and delivery tracking
  • You can now resend emails with one click to new email addresses
  • If tickets can not be generated as a PDF. You get redirected and the emails are not sent. Prevents orders not completed from getting invalid PDFs
  • Added support for Digital Membership Cards emails
  • Added support for a list of items in the email designer
  • Added support to resend PDF’s
  • Enforced domain level sending for verified domains only

Online Template

  • Launched a new UI builder to create and customize your own template
  • Asset manager to upload your own files
  • Markup generator to copy and paste markup for Altru
  • Direct drop-in for integrations with Translation menu, member dialog, WCAG 2.1, Email validation, Address validation, GTM (Google tag manager), and Enhanced Ecomerce Module.

Data Bridge

  • Added support to manually sync a data bridge with the UI
  • Continued to work on Constant Contact and Mailchimp integrations

System Improvements

  • Added support for empty values when Altru returns back no data for a specific request. (Applies across all Altru data requests)
  • Added alerts to check for the credential state. If credentials are invalid Admins of the account will receive an email alert.
  • Switched over to ODATA monitor service for real-time updates
  • Added support to verify domains with the automated service
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