Social Good Software Update 1.3.2v


  • Fix for duplicate keys not working on multiple queries attached to the Deduper application
  • Fix when removing multiple emails at the same time

Calendar Builder

  • You can now clear the cache of your calendar as a background request
  • Improved support for the scheduling system to only schedule data update only once and to avoid redundant data downloads
  • Added support to remove events relative to the current time
  • Added support to hide hours of time from the calendar

Email Designer

  • Added support to send emails relative to a date
    • You can now schedule emails relative to a date
    • You can send emails on the date, before the date, or after the date
    • You can choose the number of days to send the email on
    • Works with membership emails, reservation emails, and transactional emails
    • You can adjust the settings for the relative to the date option after creating the email
    • Added support for rows and split for each duplicate
    • Added support to view emails in preview to be sent on the selected date
    • Added backwards compatibility for emails to use the new functionality
  • Added support for Membership Card Download Link
    • Just drag and drop the variable and the link shows up on your email
  • Added a fix for grouping to use custom keys but still use the system record id if it’s available
  • Added a fix to only send emails if PDF can be generated successfully
  • Improved support for the scheduling system to only schedule data update only once and to avoid redundant data downloads
  • Added support to sort email previews from A-Z or Z-A
  • You can now see which emails are set to go out with a green icon and comment
  • Improved UI to allow you to show membership card option for any type of email
  • Added support to include links in the receipt grid
  • Receipt grid only requires the Grid rows and header and footer are now optional
  • Added support for large data logs and large previews to only show the first few rows
  • Added support to view the enabled emails from the list of email templates

Online Template

  • Added the option to upload footer and background image
  • Improved the UI to handle different design types
  • Fixed a bug with Google tracking
  • Added support to save settings when settings are changed in the editor


  • Membership Card Designer
    • Added a fix for cached membership cards not working on the first click
    • Added support for special characters in the organization’s name
    • Added support for Name on card field
    • Add support for missing fields such as expiration date
    • Added support for Google Pay and Apple Wallet colors
    • Added a fix for centered content on the membership card initial design
    • Fixed issue with the company name to be organization name
    • Fixed issue with the family template and standard template
    • Fixed rotation of membership cards in preview
    • Improved usability of the card by fixing minor bugs
    • Fixed issue with Custom Field
    • Added HTML editor for content
    • Fixed random 404’s on template previews
    • Fixed a bug with card designs not being saved

Data Bridge

  • Added a fix for merging key not working
  • Added a fix for a timestamp for the last updated date
  • Added support for static files
    • Excel and CSV files are now supported

System Improvements

  • Added a fix to remove scheduled tasks when Altru is not available
  • Improve ODATA monitoring service to not block accounts if Altru is offline
  • Fixed bug with bounces complaints and delivery alerts
  • Remove white spaces when creating team members
  • Added support for multiple organizations tied to one individual to override from previous organizations
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