Social Good Software Update 1.2.8v

Calendar Builder

  • Fixed a minor bug with showing availability on sold-out events
  • Fixed a minor bug with Go To Event in the past for date selection
  • Removed timezone setting from Calendar share tab
  • Added support for global timezone
  • Added support to select if calendar links open in a new window or the same window
  • Replaced input fields with fixed input for calendar selection on the data range type of calendar
  • Added support for quantity attribute on calendar item availability. This adds better support to count for items sold through group sales
  • Added support for caching system to cache links from the calendar if it’s a type of program from Altru
  • Added new feature to allow you to clear the cache of all the links in the calendar

Email Designer

  • Improved algorithm to detect when Altru is not online
  • Fixed a minor bug when email templates are originally created they don’t have a value so we need to default out to “N/A”
  • Added a new feature to support for merging fields. You can now use data from duplicate rows in your email
  • Added better support for sending emails in parallel with each template
  • Emails are now checked every minute instead of every five minutes
  • Improve email sending functionality when Altru is offline or not able to respond back with data
  • You now must setup a valid Ticket ID before you can enable the “eTicket generate” feature
  • Fixed a bug when sending emails an “Email Sent” message is shown

Online Template & Checkout Flows

  • Fixed a minor bug with checkout forms showing the “Please wait…” loading screen on form submissions.

Membership Portal

  • Added a check to validate an email address is in the right format
  • Fixed a bug when constituent profiles are being created when the setting was disabled
  • Fixed a bug with barcodes not being able to get scanned in for the Membership Card (Web)
  • Added support for CDN on the single sign-on service
  • Fixed a bug when ticket downloads would hang for a long period of time
  • Added support for line breaks on the PDF generated to do a line break for every four tickets.
  • Improved reliability for the eTickets generated. We now only send out tickets if Altru returns back data.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to change the “Forgot Password” page
  • Added support for user mapping based on the same id type
  • Added feature to search by email address for a constituent preview in the SYNC tab

Data Bridge

  • Fixed bug with zero value in google sheets not populating correctly
  • Fixed bug with widget previews not working in production
  • Added support for global timezone
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to add team members to the Data Bridge application
  • Added support to trim the label of long names for the preview

System Improvements

  • Added the ability to set the timezone for the application. This setting is applicable for Calendars and the DataBridge and for any new timezones in the future
  • Fixed a bug with team grid not displaying correctly if a team member has not created an account
  • New security update
  • Improved system logging for user actions

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