Social Good Software Update 1.3.3v


  • Added support to automatically determine who the email address belongs to based on a weighted algorithm

Barcode Scanner

  • Added support for multiple barcode scanners per account
  • All existing barcode scanners will remain available till the end of 2021

Calendar Builder

  • Improved UI to make it more clear on how to setup reserved events
  • Added new logging view to search within logs
  • Calendars are now processed in parallel for data updates

Email Designer

  • Added support for a list of emails instead of a grid of emails when you have more than twelve emails
  • Added support for “Grid” instead of “Receipt Grid” to use the grid with Digital Membership Card
  • Added support to enforce membership type
  • Fixed a minor bug relative to date schedule for future tasks
  • Added new logging view to search within logs
  • Improved support for creating links to be simpler
  • Added support to process emails on their own service workers for immediately, specific date, and relative to the date
  • Added support for ODATA links to be links
  • Emails will only go out if Altru is available
  • Added support to auto fill details when you first create an email
  • Fixed a timezone bug with logs

Online Template

  • Added a fix to save markup when editing HTML markup
  • Added a fix for Safari back button to force a page to reload


  • Membership Card Designer
    • Added the dollar amount on the card with a format
    • Fixed bug with not being able to remove hero image
    • Added support to process data updates in real-time instead of scheduled service
    • Added support to receive incoming questions
  • Data Import
    • You can now create, edit, update, clone, and delete batch imports
  • Ticket Designer
    • Fixed a bug with the editor not showing a preview of text after editing the text
    • Added logs when a ticket can’t be generated by Altru

Data Bridge

  • Added support to batch process attribute updates with Altru
  • Added support to process data updates in real-time instead of schedule service
  • Fixed a bug not to SYNC over “N/A” values to Altru

System Improvements

  • UI improvement for team section
  • Added new logs throughout the application to be able to export data with csv or excel
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