Social Good Software Update 1.2.9v

Calendar Builder

  • Added support for multi types of categories using the Event Registration option
  • Added message to communicate on how categories are created for the calendar wizard

Email Designer

  • Removed emails sent feature
  • Added support for variables in the title of the email
  • Added new email designer to create mobile-friendly emails
  • Added support for backward compatibility of emails. All existing emails will continue to work without any modifications
  • Fixed a bug with some eTickets not generating if no PID is set

Membership Portal

  • Digital Membership Cards are now available
    • iOS, Android, and Web
  • Added support for guest passes on constituents record
  • Added support for guest passes on the membership record
  • Added support digital cards preview and edit of landing page
  • Added digital membership cards when you are logged in
  • New membership card designer to create digital cards
  • Added support for Apple Wallet, Google Pay, and Web
  • New embed code for single sign-on service
  • Fixed a minor bug when tickets are generated the application would hang
  • Email enforcement based on membership id is now available
  • A.I algorithm to determine the record owner is now being used for account creation
  • Added support for SSO header and footer code
  • Added error messages if third party cookies are not accepted by the browser. Applies for account creation, login, and reset the password.
  • Fixed a bug with the visual editor not allowing you to edit SSO dialogs when in preview mode

System Improvements

  • Daily backups of application settings are now saved and retained for 360 days
  • Launched our new pricing structure
  • Added support for refunds or canceled accounts on the dashboard
  • Added support for accounts who pay via check to access billing area
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