How to enable price types with Altru

Enable your price types with Altru to help encourage your members and guests to avail of your tickets online. Ticket price is one of the information they want to know before they decide to buy, so see to it that you enable the setting for particular ticket types to make the price available online. 

Steps to enable price types with Altru:

1. Go to your Altru account, then proceed to Tickets.

2. Under Configuration, click Sales methods.

3. Select Online Sales.

Enable price types with Altru

4. Proceed to the Price Types tab.

Enable price types with Altru

5. Select the price type you want to enable, then click Allow price type.

Enable price types with Altru

Your ticket price is now available on your Online Sales. Try this if you have trouble with your web forms to be able to show your price type online.

Please reach us through if you have questions or need clarification on this topic. We are always happy to help!

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