How to Set Up Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking For Altru

The first step to getting Google Analytics tracking set up correctly with Altru by Blackbaud is to figure that eCommerce and enhanced eCommerce are enabled in Google Analytics.

If you have not setup Google Analytics with Altru you must first complete that step before you can move into tracking cart transactions with Altru. Not sure how to do this? Get in contact with us.

Login into your Google Analytics account and make sure you are under the correct account you will be enabling eCommerce and eCommerce enhanced.

Go into the third column and select ECommerce Settings.

Then you are going to want to enable Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting inside of the Ecommerce Setup Screen.

Ecommerce basic module only allow you to add items and link them with a transaction, but it does not allows you to remove items from shopping cart.

Enhanced eCommerce tracking module you can track all the customer shopping experience, including adding and removing items from shopping cart.

Select the Save option inside of Google Analytics

After you have click on saved you are set with Enhanced eCommerce but your not exactly done. Next steps are to have a custom JavaScript snippet created to run on every part of the cart to execute what items are being purchased with a price, category, name, quantity, and totals.

The JavaScript code can easily execute with the Online Template application. Here is where you can manage the JavaScript so it’s always up to date with any updates from Google.

Missing the JavaScript snippet? Reach out to us we are happy to work together with you to create one just for your organization.

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