How to backup your Altru website


Backing up your Altru website will help you recover from unplanned events that result in primary data loss or corruption. Backups are handy in restoring your website after an error occurs without losing any data. We highly recommend that you do a backup, especially if you are working on any online template and checkout flows

We understand how important to have backups, so we created a step-by-step guide on how you can back up your Altru website. This process is done using Mac but is also applicable to Windows.

Backing up your Altru Website

1: Go to your Download folder and create a new folder. Name it Backup.

2: Open your newly created Backup folder and add the following files:

  • Open your Text Edit/Notepad > Name it Header.html > Save > Use .html.
  • Open another Text Edit/Notepad > Name it Footer.html > Save > Use .html.
  • Open another Text Edit or Notepad for the third one > Name it Style.css > save > Use CSS.
  • Another Text Edit/Notepad to use as a reminder note of what you have done already. You can name it (markdown). Click on Save.

3: Proceed to your Altru account and go to the Web. Click on Page Designer and make a backup of the Layout.

4: Under Select Layout, copy the Header and Footer, Responsive. Go to your Text Edit/Notepad and paste the layout name: Layout: Header and Footer, Responsive. It is a reminder that you already have a backup for the layout. The layout might not match the above sample name, but do not worry is just a backup. Save and close the 

backing up your Altru website

Backing up the Style of your Altru Website

5: Go back to Layout and proceed to the Colors & Styles tab. Select Advanced colors and styles and click the Edit style sheet.

backing up your Altru website

6: Click your cursor inside the style sheet box. Do Control+A for Windows or Command+A for Mac to select all the CSS and copy it. Click on the Cancel button and go to the Text Edit/Notepad named Style.css to paste the copied CSS. You now have a backup of all your CCS. Save and close

backing up your Altru website

Backing up the Header of your Altru website

7: Go back to Altru and proceed to Configure Content tab to see the header and the footer. Proceed to the Header first and click the little gear on the top left side. 

backing up your Altru website

8: Once you’re in the Header Design, proceed to the View tab and click the Code button for the HTML code.

backing up your Altru website

9: On the HTML Source Editor, select all the code using control+A for windows or command+A for Mac and do control/command+C to copy it. Click on the cancel button.

10: Proceed to your Header file to paste the HTML code. Once done, click close and proceed to the next step.

backing up your Altru website

Backing up the Footer

11: Go back to Configure Content to back up the footer of your Altru website. Move to the footer and click the little gear. Same as the header, click on the View tab and then Code. Using Control+A for Windows or Command+A for Mac, select all the HTML code for the footer and copy using Control+C for Windows or Command+C for Mac. Find your Footer file and paste the copied HTML code. Save and Close

12: You now have the backup files that you can use if you ever need to restore your template, 

We suggest emailing all these files to so we can back them up and have access to them if needed. We also encourage you to back it up to your local storage, cloud storage, or any storage you have access to just in case we need it in the future.

Please reach us for your questions through our support channel. We are always happy to help!

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