How members’ names work on the digital membership card

In this article you will be able to learn how members’ names work on a digital membership card. It will also guide you on how to enable this function which is important especially if there are more than one members in a membership.

How members’ names work on a digital membership card:

1: Log in to your Social Good Software account. 

2: Proceed to Apps then click on Development

3: Go to Membership Card Designer.

4: You can now modify your existing Digital Membership Card. Scroll down to the bottom and find the Members Names in which if enabled will put together the names of members on the membership. 

5: You can also drag the Members Name up to make it appear in the first row. If Members Names were enabled together with other two (2) options, you will not be able to enable other functions. It is because the Members Names takes up the full row of the membership card.

Note: Level Name and Amount was enabled together with the Members Names for illustration only. Feel free to change it to your preference.

Note: if the Members Names was enabled and there are more than two members in a membership the first two members will be shown in the membership card but the additional members will not be displayed.  

6: Click Save Design if you’re done with the editing.

7: Click on the drop down menu. Select Web Back to go to the back side of the Digital Membership Card.

8: You can enable the same three (3) functions that was enabled in the front side of the Membership Card plus the Barcode. With this, you will not be able to enable additional options. It is because of the same reason that Members Names take up the full row like in the front side.

You must not forget to click on Save Design once you’re done with the editing. If you have more questions please reach out to us through our support channel.

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