How to clean up a constant contact list


Having clean data is necessary as you can use these lists for marketing or any promotional activity from your organization. Make sure to clean your records from tools like Constant Contact and Mailchimp before you sync it over to have consistent data within Altru. Learn how to free your Constant Contact list from bad records without exerting a lot of effort in sorting and cleaning your data using the Data Bridge.

Cleaning up a Constant Contact list

1: Log in to your Social Good Software account.

2: Proceed to Data Bridge.

3: Click on create widget button.

4: A dialog box will pop out wherein you need to put on the name of the Widget before you click Next.

5: Select the widget type then click Next.

6: You now have a new Widget. Click on it and authorize it to go into Constant Contact.

7: Once it was authenticated, on the Widget Settings under Mailing List select the list that you want its data to be clean up. In this illustration, we will go with New Members.

8: Proceed to the Data Cleanup where you can see your first 500 rows of record based on the selected mailing list and start cleaning it up.

9: On the left side of the window located the options that you can enable and disable. Each of these options has different rules that you can take advantage of to have a consistent record. You can also test your configuration to see what works for you and Save Settings.

10: If everything looks good, export as a CSV or XLS format to perform a spot check. The option to export the data is located at the bottom part of the window.

11: Open the document to see if all the data is nice and clean; spot check if necessary. If you found inconsistent data, you can fix it manually.

12: You can now reimport this clean list of contacts into Constant Contact. 


These options are specially made with the intention of helping you clean your data from tools like Constant Contact. Repeat this process to all your lists before you sync it over to Altru to free your records from any bad data.

If you have more questions, please reach out to us through our support channel.

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