How to create an attribute for a segment with Altru


If you have lists of constituents in Altru, you also need to create an attribute for that segment. Every list must have an attribute assigned to it. Attributes are useful when you send an email and you only want those individuals who belong to a particular group to receive your message.

Things to consider when you name an attribute for a segment:

  1. Who those individuals are.
  2. What group they belong to; and
  3. It must be readable and maintainable in the future.

Steps on how to create an attribute for a segment with Altru:


2: Proceed to ATTRIBUTE CATEGORIES under Data.

3: Click ADD to create new attribute.

4: A dialog box will pop out where you need to supply the needed information. Click on Save.
Name: (best describe the list)
Record type: Constituent
Attribute group: None
Data Type: Yes/No
Note: Make sure to click on the ‘Allow only one per record’ checkbox.

Create an additional attribute by repeating the process from step three then provide the needed information.


Creating an attribute is needed if you have lists of individuals who belong to a particular group. It is useful to your organization because you can use this list for your marketing campaign. Sending emails to your target group of people will be a lot easier and faster when you have your attribute.

If you have more questions, please reach out to us through our support channel.

You can also learn how to create an attribute for your email list. And, we also provide a guide on how to create an unsubscribe attribute.

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