How to create an unsubscribed attribute with Altru


To determine those individuals who unsubscribed, you just need to create an unsubscribed attribute with Altru. Do it once and it will be shared among all of your lists of members.

Steps on how to create unsubscribed attribute with Altru:


unsubscribed attribute with Altru

2: Proceed to ATTRIBUTE CATEGORIES under Data

unsubscribed attribute with Altru

3: Click ADD to create new attribute.

unsubscribed attribute with Altru

4: A dialog box will pop out. Input the following and click Save.
Name: Unsubscribed
Record type: Constituent
Attribute group: N/A
Data Type: Yes/No
Note: Make sure to click on the ‘Allow only one per record’ checkbox.

Once done with the steps above, you can now connect it all together with the Data Bridge which is very useful in attaching those unsubscribe attributes.

If you have more questions, please reach out to us through our support channel.

You can also check the tutorial on How to create an attribute for a segment with Altru.

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