How to enable Checkout Flows with Altru

Before getting started

  • You must have an account with Altru
  • You must have an account with the Social Good Software

Step 1: Login into Altru and click on the web tab.

Web tab in Altru

Step 2: Open the page designer in the web tab.

Page designer in Altru

Step 3: Get to the page designer section by clicking on the next two times.

Click on next twice in Altru

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page designer and click on the gear to open the page designer.

Config in Altru

Step 5: Open the HTML code window.

Click on the view tab
Click on the code button

Step 6: Copy and paste the code from the Social Good Software.

Click on the checkout flows tab
Click on the embed code tab
Copy the code

Once you copy the code you will want to paste it inside of Altru.

Click on the save button
Click on the submit button
Click on the update button

That’s all their is to set up your checkout flows. You only have to this once, after the initial setup you won’t have to do these steps.

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