How to set up the continuous scanning option

It is a great relief and assistance to have a portable scanner that can do continuous scanning during events where guests are coming non-stop. A stand-alone app that can help validate tickets and membership cards without using wifi or any extra tool or hardware.

Our SGS Barcode Scanner is a downloadable app designed to function in any brand of mobile phone and tablet. It can scan tickets and membership cards even in remote places with limited power supply or areas without podiums effortlessly and trouble-free. SGS Barcode Scanner can get you an attendance count without effort and check for a guest through visitor’s name, email, or phone number. It can track history and provide analytics of visitors too.

Just install the SGS Barcode Scanner on your phone or tablet and use the camera to start scanning. You can also enable the continuous scanning option on your SGS account and connect your gadget to a portable scanner to scan tickets and membership cards. 

This app can communicate with Altru so rest assured that all the information from the SGS Barcode Scanner will sync over to Altru.

Below is a detailed guide to set up the app on a mobile phone and tablet and directions on how to use it continuously using a portable scanner. Follow the steps to ensure that no problem will arise in using the Barcode Scanner. 

Setting up Barcode Scanner to an android phone for Continuous Scanning

Step 1: Go to Settings and proceed to the following:

a. Battery – turn off the Battery Saver to make the phone stay on.

b. Display – proceed to Advance and go to Sleep then set it to Never or 30 minutes

c. Security – click on Screen Lock Settings and set the Automatically Lock to Never or 50 minutes

Step 2: Make sure that you have the latest version of the SGS Barcode Scanner by checking the app in the Google Play Store if there’s an update button.

Step 3: You can open the app once it is updated and start using it to validate tickets and membership cards. You can also enable the continuous scanning on your SGS Barcode Scanner Account dashboard and use a hardware scanner to scan continuously.

Setting up Barcode Scanner to a Tablet

Step 1: Same with the android Phone, you need to go to Settings of your tablet and set the following:

a. Go to Display and set the Screen Timeout to 30 minutes.

b. Proceed to Screen Saver and set to nothing.

c. Next, turn off the Battery optimization.

d. Finally, go to Biometrics and Security then click Other Security Settings and check if everything was set.

Step 2: Proceed to Google Play Store and check if the app is on its latest version. Click on update if needed.

Step 3: Open the app once it’s done updating. It will then ask permission to take pictures and record videos, just click on ‘While using the app’.

Step 4: Enter your app ID then Login.  

Step 5: After you enter the app ID, the Barcode Scanner is now ready to use. You can choose to scan tickets and membership cards using the camera of your tablet or connect the device to a portable scanner for continuous scanning.

Note: Tablets are sometimes set up internationally which will not be able to recognize a portable scanner, so it is important to go to Keyboard Settings first and set it to US Standard Keyboard to avoid trouble scanning.

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