How to download stats for barcode scanners

Scanning tickets and memberships using the SGS Barcode Scanner will make your work easier and faster. It is an app that you can download to any mobile phone and tablet . You can also download backups of your stats from the scanner for record purposes or to check the result and analyze. This article will guide you on how to download stats for barcode scanners which also applies to any scanner you have set up.

Guide on How to download stats for barcode scanners:

1: Go to your Social Good Software account

2: Proceed to Barcode Scanner then click the scanner that you want to download its stat.

3: Click on STATS located at the left side of the window. 

S4: On the bottom part lies two options on how you want the data to be downloaded. You can download it as a CSV file or in Excel/Spreadsheet format.

Sample of Stat downloaded in CSV format:

Sample of Stat downloaded in Spreadsheet format:

Step 4: You can also choose a date and then the app will provide you all the data from the date you selected down the first day you use the Barcode Scanner. Click either CSV or Spreadsheet to download the data based on the selected format. If you need data from a particular date, we recommend just deleting the data you don’t need.

Note: The downloading option will download everything that was stored in it from the latest date you use the scanner or the date you selected to the first day you started using the Barcode scanner.

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