Social Good Software Update 1.2.4v

Calendar Builder

  • Fixed a bug with the “Go to the next available event” functionality not working on some calendars
  • Added a delay of 24 hours for cache on public calendars
  • Fixed a bug with calendar name in settings overflowing into a separate line in the UI
  • Fixed a bug in titles for events keeping formatting from Altru such as new lines
  • Added support to show list view if list view is selected on mobile device
  • Server side caching for calendars is now supported! ~30ms response
  • Added support for unlimited calendar size. Resolves a bug with 6MB calendar limit

Email Designer

  • Fixed a minor bug with ODATA links not pulling in data for new email templates

Checkout Flows

  • Added support for special characters such as spaces, and quotes
  • Fixed a minor bug when creating new checkout flows with invalid characters
  • Removed the preview tab

Online Template

  • Removed the preview tab
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